Waldemar Ferri Szczerbowski

  • Waldemar Ferri Szczerbowski

    Horological Expert

    Atelier Tempus has been created not only for economic reasons, but mainly because of the desire to develop our passion. We want to share our experience with all lovers of high-end watches, who as much as we adore, from time to time, buying watches, exchanging, or simply talking about them. We always try to make our watches meet the highest demands of our customers in terms of quality, originality, and affordability.

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    Waldemar Ferri Szczerbowski

Waldemar Ferri Szczerbowski, Varsovian. After graduating with an art  degree, he moved to Italy in 1975, where he began working as a teacher, to later  continue his career as an entrepreneur.

Waldemar Ferri Szczerbowski is an international expert in the field of watches  and clocks, mostly historical ones. He specialized in Patek Philippe and  Vacheron Constantin timepieces. His historical knowledge was honed under the  tutelage of Claudio Pisa. By studying under the guidance of Enrico Coledan, he  has become an expert in the field of watch dials.

Between 1988 and 1990, he worked as an advisor for the Polish Consulate in  Milan where he promoted the agreement on mutual cooperation between Milan and  Warsaw.
In 1990, he began working with Osvaldo Patrizzi, known as one of the twenty  most influential people in the history of watchmaking and auction sales. In  1998, Waldemar Ferri Szczerbowski completed a course in mediation for  timepieces at the Technical University of Milan.

Soon afterwards, he opened his own counseling and evaluation office for  watches. At the same time, he became a member of  Antiquorum Auctioneers – a  major international auction house, where he was responsible for transactions  in  Central Europe.

In 2003, he co-organized the first-ever auction of Polish clocks and watches.  The event took place at the Geneva branch of Antiquorum. His historical  research, conducted during the organization of the auction “Polonica“, helped to promote knowledge about the origin and history of Patek Philippe.

Later on, Waldemar Ferri Szczerbowski played a significant role in organizing multiple watchmaking auctions, including the one celebrating the 250th anniversary of Vacheron Constantin in 2005.

Director and watch Expert from 2008 to 2009 at the international auction house ” Patrizzi & Co. Auctioneers”,  he subsequently collaborates, as a consultant, with the Watch & Jewellery Department of  “Meeting Art” , an italian auction house.

For many years, Waldemar Ferri Szczerbowski has been hosting an Italian television program dealing with clocks and watches; later on, he was a founder of Artexperts.tv, a V.O.D (video-on-demand) free web channel. Simultaneously, he was working with national and foreign press, among others: Chrono Passion, Art & Business, Newsweek and MBA Manager. He had his own column in the Watch Shop monthly magazine, where he would answer questions from readers.

In 2006 “TV Polonia” broadcasted a special episode about his life and