About Us

Atelier Tempus is a partnership of two experts in the sector of watchmaking and financial – Waldemar Ferri Szczerbowski and Igor Jan Wyżycki, engaged in marketing of high-end watches.

The object of the passion and work are both founders of modern watches, as well as historical, but the most important aspect is the value of their collection.

Atelier Tempus offers wide selection of Patek Philippe watches, while having a wide range of other famous Swiss brands.

Atelier Tempus collaborate with national and international auction houses, collectors and large investment institutions.

Watches offered by Atelier Tempus come both from private European collections of watches.

With many years of industry knowledge we are able to offer very competitive prices.

At the request of our customers in the international market we are looking for some watches at discounted prices, create collections.

Also act as an intermediary in the sale of watches collectors of our customers or we can buy watches directly by our customers and help them to sell on the international market.

This is Atelier Tempus, the essence of passion for watches of high quality and prestige, professionalism and experience made available to collectors from all over the world.

A meeting with representatives of Atelier Tempus is possible by prior arrangement.

For security reasons, watches are not kept at the registered office of the company.